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Sara Nics Named New Announcer!


Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know? welcomes Sara Nics to the announcer’s seat

After searching the airwaves for the right voice to chime in with, “That’s one right, Michael…” WPR and Whad’Ya Know? are pleased to announce Sara Nics will take over the microphone as announcer on Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know?.
“When we learned Sara covered Asia for Netherlands Radio from Amsterdam we knew she was perfect for Whad'Ya Know?. We're thrilled to have Sara as the new voice of Whad'Ya Know?!” said Feldman.
Nics has done a world of weird and wonderful jobs... helping salmon reproduce in the arctic, reporting on lobsters and logging in Maine, roasting coffee in Toronto, writing about the East Coast arts scene, teaching yoga in Nairobi, announcing India’s news from a desk in a Dutch forest, choreographing surrealist children's theater for elderly listeners, roaming a national park in Nova Scotia, covering turmoil in East Africa and taking photos of flowers in the Netherlands. 
When she’s not roaming the world and making radio, you might find her adding to her Bakelite bangle collection or cooking delicious dim sum.
"I've been laughing with Whad'Ya Know? for years. It was an enormous compliment to be asked to audition for the gig, and fun to discover that the show's even funnier from the stage,” said Nics.
Nics knows she’s moving into a legendary position, taking over for longtime announcer, Jim Packard, who passed away in June 2012 after a brief illness.
“No one can fill Jim Packard's seat. I won't even try. But I'm looking forward to spending my Saturday mornings with Michael and his listeners,” she added.
Nics joined WPR’s To The Best of Our Knowledge as a producer in 2011. Raised on CBC radio, she decided to become a journalist when she realized that asking questions was her accidental hobby. Since then she's worked and lived in Canada, the United States, Kenya and the Netherlands. Nics will continue her production work with TTBOOK.


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This is good news. Thank you, Sara, for joining Michael and his team.

By continuing to work for TTBOOK (which is a wonderful program, thank you), and now for WYK, are you at all afraid you might be spreading yourself a bit thin?

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