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Shannon McNally

Shannon McNally carries on the southern blues and rock traditions and her latest work is a labor of love honoring her friend and legendary songwriter, Bobby Charles. Hear her play a few tunes and chat with Michael when she stopped by the Terrace.

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Marc Maron

Comedian Marc Maron calls up Michael to chat about the new seaon of Maron, cocaine with Sam Kinison, his popular WTF podcast, writing the book on "normal" and telling Conan to get out of his garage.

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Paula Poundstone

Poundstone regales about her past and path of life from Huntsville, Sudbury to her current life with children and 'more than a dozen cats.' Then Paula and Michael connect and converse on comedy, politics, the comedy of politics and more!


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Andy Borowitz

The 'Swiftian satirist' Andy Borowitz creator of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Borowitz Report, chats with Michael about Will Smith, being urban, news vs. fake news, life with Twitter and more!